Selection Criteria

The Entrepreneurship Lab is a competitive 6-month Program launched by the City of New York, designed for graduate students of science, engineering and medicine, post-doctoral fellows, medical residents, physicians, nurses and other scientists, researchers and technologists in NYC and interested in forming new ventures in the life sciences and healthcare technology sectors.


Participants should live or work in New York City and have a background or education in science or technology (i.e. earned undergraduate or graduate degree in science or engineering within the past ten years). Co-applicants are welcome and encouraged. In addition, each participant or participating team must have a technology or innovation and be committed to starting and building a new venture. Technology innovations may fall in the areas of bioscience, biomedical engineering, health information management, medical care, medical devices, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, personalized medicine or other related disciplines intended to impact human health.

Selection Criteria

In our review of your application we will be looking for evidence of the following:

  • Commitment to pursuing entrepreneurship
  • Quality of innovative idea
  • Personal references
  • We are interested in personal attributes including
    • Resourcefulness, business judgment, and ability to engage partners
    • Need for advanced business experience/training
    • Record of scientific publications or patents
    • Demonstration of written and oral communication skills
  • Former participation in business training programs a plus but not necessary
  • Personal references

Guide to Providing Good References

As part of the application review process, ELabNYC asks for three references. Here are useful guidelines for selecting references and preparing your references for the phone call.

Why Does ELabNYC ask for references:

References provide important added perspective on an applicant – about your work, how you work, how you work with others

Selecting Your References:

DO select people who know you well in your academic or work setting
DO select people who have known you well for longer than 2 years
DO select people who are willing to speak on your behalf
DO NOT select family members
DO NOT select people who will have a hard time remembering who you are

Asking for References:

  • Call or Send an email to your prospective references to request that they serve as a reference for you. Provide information about ELabNYC and why you are applying to the program
  • Follow up with a phone call to review your work or invention you intend to focus on in ELabNYC, explain why you have chosen to apply to ELabNYC , explain why this program is important to you.
  • Confirm by email that your reference will be available for a 10 minute phone call at the request of ELabNYC starting October 23 of 2019.

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