David Putrino


Burke Rehabilitation

David is physiotherapist with a PhD in Neuroscience. He worked clinically in both private practice and hospital environments in Australia, before moving to the United States to study computational neuroscience at Harvard Medical School and MIT. He went on to accept a post-doctoral fellowship at New York University, designing prostheses for Brain Machine Interface devices. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, and the Director of Telemedicine and Virtual Rehabilitation at Burke Medical Research Institute. In this position, he works to develop low-cost and accessible healthcare solutions for individuals in need of better healthcare accessibility. He is a Principal Investigator for a multi-site, NIH-funded investigation of the role of telemedicine in the rehabilitation of sub-acute stroke survivors. He is the Principal Investigator for the Telehealth Intervention Program for Seniors (TIPS), a Westchester county initiative that provides telehealth monitoring more than 750 elderly individuals with chronic conditions. He consults for Red Bull High Performance, using state-of-the-art technology to monitor and enhance athlete performance. He is also the “Chief Mad Scientist” (Chief Scientific Officer) of Not Impossible Labs, a group that crowd-sources accessible technological solutions for high-impact humanitarian problems. David is very passionate about public science education: he has appeared as a scientific expert on the American Heroes Network, and his research has been featured on the ABC, Sport’s Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, the BBC, Time, Wired, BuzzFeed and the LA Times to name just a few. He is also the Treasurer of Know Science: a New York-based, not-for-profit organization that engages talented science communicators to give public talks around New York City.

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