JUNE 20, 2018

 8:00-8:30Breakfast and Welcome
Strategy8:30-9:30What is due diligence: process, timing, people, tools
Steve Goodman, Pryor Cashman, Moderator
Andrew Oliver, Moses & Singer, Advising the founder
John Ruckstuhl, EisnerAmper, Seed and Series A
Rob Waring, Managing Director, Strategic Exit Advisors
Case Study9:30-10:30Founding Team Due Diligence Process Management
Larry Spector, Pryor Cashman, Moderator
Martin Krusin, AzurRx Going Public
Frank Minella, PainQX Angel Syndicate
Charlotte D'Hulst, Mousensor, Foundation, Convertible Note
Blake Adair, EpiBone, Series A
Linh Le, Bonbouton, Overseas angels
Tool Kit10:30-12:00Investors Closing Checklist
Selin Kurnaz, Massive Bio, Moderator
Noel Goddard, Accelerate NY, Seed Fund
Steve Goodman, Mid Atlantic Bio Angels, Angel Group
James Rieger, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt, Pvt Equity
Gerard Honig, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation
Jim Heitner, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, University funding
Strategy1:00-2:00Getting to a close: Different Priorities, Different Deals
Eric Hellige, Pryor Cashman, Moderator
Lauren Friedman, ADDF, Foundation syndicate
Winston Rodriguez, Northwell Ventures, Hospital Fund
Blake Stevens, ARE, Seed Fund syndicates
Case Study2:00-3:00Key to investor interest: Product Dev't Due Diligence
Muriel Liberto, Mintz Levin, Moderator
Cyrille Kuhn, BI Corporate Strategic Investment
Craig Kenesky, WSGR, IP Due Diligence Legal Rep
Break3:00-3:15Coffee, Cookies
Tool Kit3:15-5:00Prepare to communicate with Cross Functional Teams
Jim Heitner, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, University funding, Moderator
Andrew Koopman, Applied Glycan
Jules Mitchel, Target Health, Regulatory Consultant
Cyrille Kuhn, Boehringer Ingelheim, R&D


JUNE 21, 2018

 8:00-8:30Breakfast and Welcome
Strategy8:30-9:30Addressing Investor risk in health deals with data
Craig Kenesky, WSGR
David Barnett, Corsis
Case Study9:30-10:30Founders tales: Data ventures and due diligence
Ami Shah, face2facehealth, Moderator
Doug Unis, Monogram Arthroplasty, US Angels
Yin Ho, ContextMatters, Exit by Acquisition
Tool Kit10:30-12:00Investor's tool kits for due diligence
Karen Sterling, Avalon, Moderator
Noel Goddard, Accelerate NY, Seed Fund
David Barnett, Corsis Venture Valuation models
Strategy1:00-2:00New York Founders Funding Strategies
Mary Howard, ELabNYC, Moderator
Vallen Graham, Corporate Sponsored Research
Peikwen Cheng, Yiviva, Global Manufacturing and Distribution
Ehsan Sarafraz Yazdi, NoMoCan, Family funds
Case Study2:00-3:00Closing: 90% Done and 80% still to go
Richard Raysman, Holland & Knight, Moderator
Vlad Sandler, HemoGenyx London IPO
Doug Unis, Monogram Arthroplasty, Seed/Friends & Family
Break3:00-3:15Coffee, Cookies
Tool Kit3:15-5:00Prepare for Post Close
Isaac Miller, CFO, Cresilon, Moderator
Vlad Sandler, Hemogenyx, New Board members
Harold Hess, EisnerAmper, New Financial Controls
Donna See, Tara Biosystems, Setting the stage to Raise follow on Money

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